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Mandarmani Beach – Places To Visit, Best Time To Visit & Food

Mandarmani beach is in Mandarmani village, West Bengal. It extends to 13 km and is also said as one of the longest drivable beaches. It was actually called as Mandarboni, Madar Mani but now it is popular as Mandarmani. The beach has low waves and is one of the cleanest beaches. You can notice red crabs around the place.

Best time to visit Mandarmani

Winter (November – February)

The temperature during winter ranges between 10 degree Celsius and 28 degree Celsius. This time is most suited to visit the Mandarmani beach. The chill climate helps you to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Monsoons (July – October)

This rainy season also has a scope to enjoy and the evenings here are really a brilliant experience. The rainfall here ranges between 125 cm and 175 cm.

Summer (March – June)

The summer season has a maximum of 36 degree Celsius and a minimum of 22 degree Celsius. The days are hot and the nights are quite enjoyable.

Places to visit in Mandarmani

The Delta Mandarmani

The Delta - Mandarmani beach
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The Delta is one of the most famous tourist destinations near Mandarmani beach. It is approximately 6 km from the Mandarmani beach. It is also known as Mohana. The Delta is actually situated at the end of the beach and the river meets the sea here. There is a fishing village here and you can also view fishermen catching the fishes and crabs. You can see plenty of Jhau trees which bring a great atmosphere to the place. People mainly visit this place for watching red crabs. The sunrise and sunset are one of the splendid experiences.

Digha Beach

Digha Beach - Mandarmani beach
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Digha Beach is the famous tourist attraction near Mandarmani beach. The beach has soft sand, it is less crowded and perfect place for great enjoyment with family. It is popular for sunrise and sunsets which are marvelous to watch.

Tajpur Beach

Tajpur Beach - Mandarmani beach
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This calm beach is approximately 19 km from Mandarmani beach. The region is filled with casuarinas trees. You can see many water bodies near this place and the main activity here is the cultivation of fish. You can give a try to water sports and beach sports.

Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur Beach - Mandarmani beach
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The beach is approximately 25 km from Mandarmani beach. The isolated beach is very beautiful and is a great treat to the eyes. This is actually a fishing harbor.

Chandpur Beach

Chandpur Beach - Mandaramni Beach
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Cleanliness is one of the main attractions of this beach. The water is so much clear that you will surely enjoy the place and it is great for couples and family. Walk along the shore and rejoice yourself with the beach water touching your feet. It is just 20 km from Mandarmani beach.

Udaipur Beach

Udaipur Beach - Mandarmani beach
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It takes around one hour to reach Udaipur beach from Mandarmani beach. The sea has numerous casuarina trees making it a wonderful destination. Many adventure sports are popular here including Banana Boat, riding bikes, and a few more.

Chandaneswar Temple

Chandaneswar Temple - Mandarmani beach
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The distance between the beach and Chandaneswar Temple is 32 km. The main deity is Lord Shiva here. The temple is built using Kalinga Architecture. Pana Sankranti is a famous festival celebrated here. This day is New Year according to Odia calendar.

Things To Do in Mandarmani Beach

Spend time in Beach

The refreshing beach air and the cool water will bring in enthusiasm in you. So walk to have a full view of the beach. Watch the sunrise and sunset which are very popular here. It is a wonderful place to have quality time with your friends and family.


Do not miss boating experience in Amarabati Lake. Take a ride and explore the calm beautiful lake. It may take approximately 20 to 30 minutes for this ride.

Watch Red Crab

You can notice many red crabs while visiting the beach. These crabs attract many tourists to this place. In the evening the red crabs come out of the sand and the entire place there looks red in color.

Water Sports

There is no shortage of entertainment at this beach. There are many water sports available for the tourists to enjoy themselves. Few activities are bike rides, jet ski, bungee jumping, banana boat ride and few more. Therefore, if interested in adventure just try these sports.


There are several destinations to shop for new things in Mandramani. You can buy things like seashells, pearls, handmade items and more. Few other items which can be brought here are jewelry, outfits, etc.


Seafood like fishes, prawn, and crab are the most famous food in Mandramani. These are made in a traditional way and tastes really good. Restaurants here offer all types of food and they are spicy fulfilling our desires.

Capture the moments

Interested in photography? Then, Mandramani provides a wonderful opportunity to express your skills. The sunrise, sunset, the red crabs are one of the rare things you will ever see in your life. The Delta is another unavoidable place when talking about photography. You can get a clip of the Jhau trees, fishing done by fishermen and beautiful scenery of the place.

How to reach Mandarmani Beach?

This seaside village is near to Kolkata and therefore it is easy to arrive at this place from all major cities in the Country.

By Road

Traveling by road is one of the best options to reach Mandramani where you can enjoy amazing landscpae. After coming to Kolkata, you can board a bus or hire a cab to reach Mandarmani. From Kolkata, it will take approximately 6 hours to reach the place. There are frequent buses to reach the place from Esplanade, Gariahat, and Howrah.

By Rail

There is no railway station in Mandarmani and the nearest stations are Contai which is 17 km and Digha which is 30 km. Therefore, after reaching Howrah you can reach Digha through various trains available. From Digha and Contai, you can hire a cab to reach the destination.

By Airway

Kolkata Airport is the nearest airport to Mandarmani. So, you can travel by flight to Kolkata and from there you have many traveling options to reach the destination.

Mandarmani To Digha

Digha is one of the famous beach destination near Mandarmani. It is around 30 Km from here and it will take around 1 hour of drive.

Food in Mandarmani

Food in Mandarmani has a special taste in it. It is being cooked in a customary manner. They are spicy and tasty. Seafood is a must try here. The fishes, prawns, crab are all got fresh and cooked in their own way to bring in the traditional taste. Chicken fry is a popular dish here.

We have tried our best to provide you with authentic information. If you have more information to add, kindly use the comment box below. Like our blog? kindly care to share.

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