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Vasai Bassein Beach – Best Places To Visit & Activities

Vasai which was historically called as Bassein during Portuguese rule is a peaceful city in Palghar district, Maharashtra. It has a lot of historical significance attached to it. It was once belonged to Thane district.

The famous Bassein fort is in this city. The fort was captured by Maratha army in 18th century and defeated after the battles of Vasai in 1739. In 17th century this city is used to build ships.

Best time to Visit Vasai Bassein Beach

The best time to visit the beach is during the winter season from the months of October to March. The climate will be cool during these months, making the visit a worthy one. The temperature will be ranging from 18°C to 29°C. Summer will be very hot and the temperature rises to 33°C. Monsoon receives moderate rainfall during July to September month.

Places to visit in Bassein Beach, Vasai

Bassein Fort (Vasai Fort)

Bassein Fort
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The fort was actually built by the Gujarati Ruler Bahadur Shah in 16th century. It was later captured by the Maratha King. It is located at a distance of 3.5 Km from the Bassein beach. The fort is surrounded by water on the three sides. The main attraction inside the fort is the citadel, which is present inside the fort. It takes you around 3 hours solidly to see the entire fort.

The Vasai battle happened between Marathas and the Portuguese rulers of the town. Chimaji Appa, a brother of Peshwa Baji Rao I, was the king of the Marathas during that time. The victory of this battle is the biggest achievement during the rulle of Baji Rao I. This fort also played a major role in First Anglo-Maratha War.

There are 2-3 food stalls around the fort, where you can taste local food. It hosts a museum inside and you can snap some pictures of it.

  • Entry: Free
  • Opening Hours: 6 AM to 6 PM

Vasai Butterfly Park

Vasai Butterfly Park
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The park is located just 1 Km from the Bassein Fort. You will get the most memorable experience in the months of August to December. It is popularly known as Ovalekar farm and it is owned by Ovalekar family. They grow more plants and trees to attract the butterflies from all over the places. Mr. Rajendra, who is a knowledgeable person as well as a butterfly lover will spend time with you and tell the facts, lifecycle and types of the butterflies.

  • Entry: Rs. 100 per head
  • Opening hours: Sun 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Buddhist Relics Nalasopara

Buddhist Relics Nalasopara
Img Source

The Buddhist Relics are found in Nalasopara, which is 12 Kms away from the Bassein Beach. It is found in early 17th or 18th century and it is considered to be the birth place of Gautama Buddha in his previous birth. The Ashokan inscriptions and the Buddhist text prove that the place once was a prominent Buddhist area.

  • Entry: Free

Vajreshwari Temple

Vajreshwari Temple
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The temple is a Hindu temple, which is at 36 Kms from the vasai beach. You can get regular buses to reach there from vasai. The main deity of the temple is the Goddess Vajreshwari. Shree Vajreshwari Yogini Devi Mandir, it is the actual name of the temple. One has to pass through the 50 odd steps of the temple to reach the beach.

  • Opening Hours: 5.30 AM and the aarti takes place 11:15 Am, 7:00 Pm, 8:15 Pm.
  • Entry: Free

Some of the other temples you can visit near Vasai are Ganeshpuri Temple, Jivdani Temple, Agashi Jain Temple, Sadguru Nityanand Maharaj Samadhi and Mahavir Dham.

Activities & Things to do in Vasai

Walk and relax

Take a long walk across the seashore and relax yourself. The clear, white sand and natural beauty of the beach makes the tourist to forget their stress and lost in thoughts here. Relaxing on the lap of nature will be a splendid experience.

View the sunrise and sunset

The view of the sunrise and the sunset from this beach will be a memorable one for the tourists. Hence, the visitors will love to spend the time on the evening time. You can drink some coconut water and eat some snacks, which are available on the beach side.

Snap some memorable clicks

The natural beauty of the beach will urge the visitors to click some memorable photos of it along with their companions. The sceneries will be perfect for the photos, which will be a sort of remembrance on future.

Remnants of the Portuguese fort

The ruins of the Portuguese fort are present between the dense forests of the palm grooves. The city still preserves the boundary walls with the two access doors and the 10 bastions. It is the must thing to do for people, who are history lovers and curious to know the early history. Inside the walls, you can see the ruins of the town houses and churches.

Engage in games

The sea water will be perfect for the visitors to engage in water games. There will be some water sports and rides, where you can enjoy with your family.

How to reach Bassein Vasai Beach?

By Air

The nearest airport to Bassein Beach is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. It is located at a distance of 60 Kms from the Bassein beach. From there, you can reach here by train from Dadar or Andheri stations. Either you can hire a taxi or bus to reach the city comfortably.

By Train

The nearest suburban railway station to reach the Bassein beach is the Vasai Road station on the Konkan Railway Route, which is located at a distance of 7 Kms from the beach. You can see many trains plying from Churchgate, Andheri and Dadar by Virar or Dahanu local trains.

By Road

There are numerous state buses such as Maharashtra State Transport (MSRTC) and private buses plying from major cities of Maharashtra to Bassein. It is located on the highway between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Hence, you can reach here easily. The beach is located at a distance of 60 Km from Mumbai, and 192 Km from Pune.

Area Details

STD Code vasai: 0250

Vasai Pin Code: 401201

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