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Beautiful Manapad – A Secluded Beach With Historical Values

Manapad History

Manapad is a costal village located 60 km away from Tuticorin and 18 km from Thiruchendur. It has unique costal lines that produce beautiful waves throughout the year. Manapad is famous for its cross in the beach, which has happened in 14th century. In 1540, a Portuguese ship caught in wild storm, while sailing. The captain of that ship prayed the god to save them from the broken mast. As they escaped from the danger, he builds a cross for thanking the god. After few years St Xavier came to Manapad for his missionary activities and built the shrine at the same place, where the cross was built but by the captain.

Best Time to Visit Manapad

Winter (November to January) is the perfect time to visit Manapad. At this time, it has pleasant temperature around 26°C. Tourist can experience the amazing sightseeing at this season. Also, Christmas is celebrated in a grand manner her in Manapad.

Places to Visit in Manapad

Manapad Beach

Manapad Beach
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It is one of the oldest beaches, which was used for trading in ancient days. After the construction of Tuticorin port, the trading was stopped. Now it is one the peaceful beach to visit to have wonderful sight seeing. Manapad has unique costal lines that produce beautiful waves throughout the year.

Holly Cross Church Manapad

Holly Cross Church
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This is an old church, which was built in the year of 1581. It is located atop of hillock close to the sea and it gives you pleasant experience with quite unique scenery. Holly cross church is famous for the feast of Exaltation of the Holly cross that is celebrated every year on September.

Manapad Point

Manapad Point
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Manapad point is located 24m above the sea level at Kulasekharapattinam. This is well known for Water sports like surfing. This is the main reason for the name “magnificent Manapd”, which is given by foreign tourists.

Activities and Things To Do In Manapad

Water Surfing

In Manapad, surfing is a very popular activity and it is ideal palace for surfing and Stand up Paddle (SUP). This attracts many tourist and foreigners to visit here. There is an option to learn the surfing. This really gives you a best experience like never before. Women can also enjoy the place by doing paddle boarding. In addition to this, Manapad is also a best place for, snorkeling, sailing and scuba diving.

Kite Surfing

Blue lagoon is a shallow lagoon that separates ocean from the shore. The wind speed in this place is very high. This is one of the best places for kite surfing and kayaking in Manapad.

Walk through the village

It helps to know about the heritage of Manapad. This gives you the new experience by visiting churches, palm leaf society. This is the journey through narrow village, which introduce you rich and historic culture of this village.

Hotels to Stay in Manapad

Manapaad, being a small village does not have many hotels to stay. However, there is a resort named Manapad Surf Resort. It’s a heritage bungalow with six bedrooms and modern bathrooms. The rooms are well furnished and this resort has an open terrace restaurant and serve both local and international cuisine.

How To Reach Manapad

By Air

The nearby domestic airport to Manapad is in Tuticorin (58 Km), which has two flights to Chennai per day (SpiceJet Airlines). Madurai (170 km) and Thiruvandram (150 km) are other place near to Manapad that has airports and it has frequent flights from major cities of India.

By Train

Thriunchedur railway station is nearest to Manapad. Chendur Express is direct train from Chennai Egmore. There are many passenger trains available that connect major stations Tuticorin and Thiruneveli. From Tuticorin there are direct trains to Chennai (Pear City Express), Coimbatore (Coimbatore Tn Link Express) and Mysore (Tuticorin Express).
From Thiruneveli Jn, you can have direct trains to Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai (Nagercoil Express)

By Road

There are frequent buses and travels are available to Thiruchedur from major cities. From there you can hire a taxi to reach Manapad.

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Distance from Important Cities

  • Chennai to Manapad – 655kms (approx 11 hrs)
  • Pondicherry to Manapad – 527kms (approx 9 hrs)
  • Madurai to Manapad –197kms (approx 4 hrs)
  • Trivandrum to Manapad – 176kms (approx 4 hrs)
  • Kochi to Manapad – 342kms (approx 8. 30 min)
  • Bangalore to Manapad – 638kms (approx 11 hrs)

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